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Follow the links below to see material on topics related to Seaposts, the Travelling Post Office and Railway Post Offices on other websites. There are specific links to philatelic exhibits. Also, we have our own Articles and Research Resources page. Please let our webmaster know by e-mail if you find new links we should add, or if any links are broken.

Seapost and Maritime oriented links

Paquebot.Info This site is dedicated to philatelists specifically interested in Paquebot Cancellations on cover.


Faroe Isles philatelic website with listing of Faroe Isles stamps with paquebot cancellations.

Norway Heritage with links to sailing dates from Europe to USA 1870 - 1905

Shipping Arrivals at Ellis Island - dates of passenger arrivals by ship from Europe

British India Steam Navigation

New Zealand Maritime Museum

New Zealand Maritime Index

The (California) Maritime Heritage Project

Australia - UK Mails: The Accountancy Period by Colin Tabeart, GB

North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1840 - 75 by Hubbard and Winter, new 2014 Revised Edition on-line only.

French Packet Sailings between New York and France 1783-1793 - Sailing Schedule and Newspaper Data [large pdf file]. Compiled by John Olenkiewicz and Steve Walske, USA

British Packet Sailings: 1755-1790, New York-Falmouth compiled by John Olenkiewicz (USA)[large pdf file].

British Packet Sailings: 1808 - 1850 Falmouth-Brazil compiled by John Olenkiewicz (USA)[large pdf file].

Mails of the Western Expansion 1803 - 1861 by Steve Walske and Richard Frajola describes mail routes from the US east coast to California. It includes sailing data between New York and Chagres/Aspinwall and between Panama and San Francisco (pre-Transcontinental Railroad).

List of the voyages of the HAPAG ships between Hamburg and New York and related HAPAG materials.

Sailing tables for the voyages of Canadian-Pacific Line and Canadian Australasian Line steamships from 1887 to 1914 carrying mail between Canada and the Orient and Canada and Australasia.

A General Plan for a Mail Communication by Steam, Between Great Britain and the Eastern and Western Parts of the World, by James MacQueen, London, 1838

La Compagnie Belge Maritime du Congo (CBMC) and les Paquebot ALBERTVILLE, 6 navires auront le privilège de porter ce nom depuis 1896 jusque 1973. ship photo community

Maritime Timetable Images

The (US) Navy Department History and Heritage

Catapult Mail

Ships on Postcards

Passenger steamships from or via Turku, Finland

Universal Ship Cancellation Society

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives: Social and Cultural History with historical documents from the 1800s through 1954 with concentrations in Steamship and Ocean Liner documents.

Marine Traffic website indicates current locations of ships at sea

Wreck Site

Crash and Wreck Mail Society

TitanicCollector.Com and articles from La Catastrophe (PDF).

Across the Oceans: Development of Overseas Business Information Transmission, 1815-1875 by Dr. Seija-Riitta Laakso FRPSL [in English]. As overseas mail was generally carried by ships, the history of communications and maritime history are closely related. This study brings a postal historical aspect to the academic discussion.

Caledonian Maritime Research Trust

Maritime Research

The following links may be of interest to train wreck and maritime collectors as they are sources of background information for wreck, crash and interrupted mail covers

North East Rails 1960-9 Railroad Accidents and Wrecks

Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis Web Site

Railroad Industry Resource Center

David Morrison for Train Crash Mail and maritime Wreck covers

The following general philatelic links may be of use

Global Philatelic Library

British Postmark Society

British Postal Museum and Archive

British Library Philatelic Collections

The US Postal Bulletins: The Digitized U.S. Postal Bulletin provides a fully searchable digitization of the U.S. Postal Bulletin from 1880 to 1971.

Online British postal resources 1798-1920 are available on the GBPS website which also has a useful download section.

Online British Post Office Circulars which contain mail ship sailing schedules of the day.

Marcophily A dedicated resource for the study of post marks.

Universal Postal Union


Stamp Active Network


Links to Philatelic Book sources and Newspaper digital archives

Philatelic Bibliopole: Leonard H. Hartmann philatelic literature

Twelveheads Press publishers of books about South West England including Plymouth and its Liners and worldwide mail handling.

PAPERSPAST digitized New Zealand newspapers and periodicals. The collection covers the years 1839 to 1945.

TROVE Australian newspapers, books, journals, photographs, letters, and more have been digitized by the National Library of Australia.

Lloyds List, free viewing on the USPCS website

Lloyds List, subscription viewing with search facility

Gescande Oostendse Documenten (G.O.D.), contains a selection of Dutch and French-language daily and weekly newspapers from Ostend and the coastal region from 1850 onwards. These show the shipping movements of mail steamers and the railway arrivals between Dover and Ostend from about 1845. [Dutch and French]

On-line Hamburg newspapers giving news of the movements of the steam ships servicing Hamburg to London and Amsterdam 1825 to 1833.

ELEPHIND allows you to simultaneously search across thousands of articles using key words and phrases.

Frajola Internet Resources for Postal History Research

The following general philatelic sites reciprocate links to our site.

Hampshire Philatelic Federation links page

Klassische Philatelie

The Collectors' Weekly

St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society (SHATPS)

Travelling Post Office & Railway oriented links

Railway Philatelic Group

Mail by Rail

Railway-Philately on Facebook

Revenue and Railway Stamps of Australia by Dave Elsmore

Railway, Steamship, and Carrier Stamps of Norway

Railway Thematic Stamps

London's Post Office Railway

International Railway Preservation Society (IRPS)

The Museum of Czechoslovakian Train Post Office

Internationale Motivgruppe Eisenbahnwesen

German RPO Group
Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Bahnpost

The "Fast Mail": A History of the U.S. Railway Mail Service

Search for "Railway Mail Car" at the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum

Casey Jones Railroad Unit of ATA

Mobile Post Office Society

The Rail Philatelist

Electric Transport in Latin America past and present

Railway Vehicle Preservations Ltd, Leicestershire

Guides to the UK
Post Office Museum Collections and Archives

Rail Around Birmingham & the West Midlands

Railroad Maps of the USA 1828-1900

Timetable World is the online collection of historical transport timetables and maps from around the World

Railways of the World Includes links to current operational timetables and much, much more!

Philatelic Rail and Maritime resources / exhibits

Queensland TPOs - there is a very detailed TPO section at the back of Queensland Steel Datestamps - Commonwealth Period

US Railroad Contract Mails, the First Four Decades by Hugh Feldman, UK

Mail between BNA and UK, 1766 - 1875 by David Handelman, Canada

Study of Philadelphia - GB transatlantic mails pre-1775 to 1875 by John Barwis, USA

1857 Treaty Mail to France, the Philadelphia Exchange Office by Richard Frajola, USA

The 1857 Postal Treaty Between U.S. and France Carried by the French Line (LIGNE H) by Richard Frajola, USA

Packet Mail between France and the USA, 1783-1793 a one frame exhibit by Steve Walske, USA

Packet Mail Between US & France, 1840 - 1875 a collection of Steve Walske, USA, as exhibited at WESTPEX 2011 (8 frames).

The Arthur White Postal History Archive of transatlantic covers.

Mails: USA to Australia pre UPU by Dale Forster, USA

United States External Mail Routes: 1856 - 1870 by Dr. Armando Grassi Collection, USA

China Mail by American Clipper Ships by Richard C. Frajola, USA

Covers: New Zealand to UK

Hawaii: centre of the Pacific


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