Auction Winter 2023

The TPO & Seapost Society holds regular Postal Auctions for Members. Auction bid forms and printed lists accompany the TPO Journal. A variety of different material is available each quarter covering Sea posts, Paquebots, TPOs, Railways (RPOs), Books and Literature.

If you are thinking about expanding your present collecting interest to include TPO, Paquebot or Seapost items then the auction would provide a good source of foundation material to add to an existing country or themed collection. The connection with ships, railways or mail handling at sea may provide a new sideline to augment and revitalize your existing interests.

The lots in the auction may be viewed via the list below. If you are interested in this type of material then please become a Member of the Society to be eligible to bid.

Current Auction List Winter 2023

Bid form and Auction Rules for Members

Please help Ken build up a list of quality lots for auction. If you have quality material to sell please contact him by phone, +44 (0)1642 270210 or .

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