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Come and meet us in 2018

We will be at the following venues in 2018: Southern England Stamp Show, WORPEX, SWINPEX, Stafford, Salisbury Stamp Show and Stafford again!

Not only are we here to meet members and new faces but we bring items to sell: covers and books to satisfy a wide variety of collecting interests. Make sure you stop by our table.

Current TPO Journal

The Winter 2017 Journal, number 338, is being mailed. The contents are listed below. The auction list is posted for 15th December 2017 closing 15th January, 2018.

Recent Website Updates

TPO Journal Cumulative Index for YE2017 now available for download

Meeting programme for 2018.

Addition of a link to an Ostend, Belgium, online newspaper archive showing mail movements between UK and Europe.

Swedish Amerika Line cachets and sea post office marks.

Articles published in Gibbons Stamp Montly.

Visit our Research Resources Page

Research and Survey / Census projects carried out by our members and articles of note published elsewhere by our members. Click to go to this page.

A new catalogue of Ocean Letters is being prepared by member Otto Kjærgaard. Review draft chapters here and add your input.


6D/B.16 charge mark applied on the Plymouth-Bristol TPO

A new find: 6D/B.16 charge mark applied on the Plymouth-Bristol TPO, discussed in the current Journal.


The Winter 2017 edition of the TPO Journal is now available with the following content:

Plymouth & Bristol Travelling Post Office - 6D / B.16 on piece from S Africa Ocean Letter Catalogue (also, see the listing)
Titanic and the Winter Building Covers Ireland - the American Mails via Holyhead and North Wall, Dublin
USA to Denmark via an RPO and the "Lusitania" Great Southern & Western Travelling Post Office Introduction to the GB accountancy marks of the 1848 Anglo-American Postal Treaty - Part 3
USA - 160 Years of Mail on American Railroads Reykjavik - a new mark?
An International Military TPO Between Austria and Germany Q & A - Ship Letter charges in transit through the UK 1877 - 2
Great Western TPO Stores Datestamp Carlisle - TPO Stores Datestamps
London & Queenborough Sorting Tender Great Western Travelling Post Office - New Mark
Recently Found Items -Tokio Paquebot Book Review
Letters & Emails - Maritime Next Auction
Realisations from past auctions are now listed only on our Auction Page
Our Library Notes include recently received Journals from related societies such as Berichte Bahnpost (Journal of the Federal TPO Study Group (in German), received every 6 months; Railway Philately (Journal of The Railway Philatelic Group); Transit Postmark Collector (Journal of the Mobile Post Office Society); British Postmark Society Journal (Journal of the British Postmark Society); and Friends of the M30272M Group. The TPO & Seapost Society is a supporting member of the Friends of the M30272M Group and receives their occasional newsletter “Wansford Mail”, back copies of which are available from the Library. Railway Mail Service Library by Frank Scheer details of the repairs and improvements to the Library and Museum buildings in the former Norfolk & Western RR station at Boyce, Virginia. Details can be found at Also see our Links page.
Copy and Publishing dates for the Journal

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