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Come and meet us in 2021

  • COVID-19: Let us look forward to a brighter 2021/22! To great relief MIDPEX went ahead and was a great success. We look forward to HAMPEX in September.

  • MIDPEX, Saturday July 3rd, Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. Meet us on our stand. [Map for location]
  • HAMPEX, Hampshire Federation Convention, Saturday September 25th, at Wickham, Hampshire, PO17 5AL

Minutes of the Society's Annual General Meeting 2021

The AGM was held this year by video conference call and included members from India in the east to the USA in the west. The proceedings may be read here.

Current TPO Journal

The Summer 2021 Journal, number 352, has been mailed. The contents are listed below. The auction list is posted for 15th June 2021 and closes on the 15th July 2021

Recent Website Updates

Le Havre: website showing Bureaux Ambulant (TPO) marks of Le Havre.

Birmingham Ship Letter Census by member Ian Baker has been updated as of February 2021. The list is linked from this page.

New Zealand TPO Checklist by member Anthony Nicholson has been updated for 2020.

The Catalogue of Hungarian TPO Marks has been updated by Lutz Ihnken. The link to Die Bahnpoststempel der ungarischen Post 1871-1945 is available on our Hungary TPO Catalogue page.

Read The Early Years of the H&K by member Ken Mitchell in our list of GSM articles.

Recent Publications 2021

Available: Paquebot Cancellations of the World - The 2020 ADDENDA by Mike Dovey containing a number of new additions to the listings. At 130+ pages it is packed with all the new information in the same format as the last book plus a section on Central America Transit marks, a section on USA Seaposts to supplement the last USA Seaposts book, and a full list of all the date extensions. See ordering details on our publications page.

Visit our Research Resources Page

Research and Survey / Census projects carried out by our members and articles of note published elsewhere by our members. Click to go to our Research Resources Page.


'EUSTON-STATION IRISH MAIL B OC 25 65' (W175a), paid 2sh for the double treaty rate to the USA plus 4d for the short-lived late fee rate (2nd Jan. 1865 to 30th June 1866). Discussed in the Summer Journal 352.


The Summer 2021 edition of the TPO Journal is now available with the following content:

P & O and Allan Line Straddle the World Ship Letters between Hull and Christiania (Oslo) in 1858
Introduction from the New Maritime Editor: Nigel Grizzard Euston Station Irish Mail - Where were the accounting marks applied?
Plymouth to Bristol TPO - 8d A TPO to the Middle of Nowhere
Bombay - Karachi Sea Post Office New South Wales - Travelling Post Office
Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet Parcel Marks Thailand / Siam "SOUTH EXPRESS"
H & K Packet Late Fee (or lack of) Canada - Multi-franking
A G M via Z O O M ! Secretary's Notes etc.
Auction Abbreviations Letters & Emails - Railway
Next Auction Copy and Publishing dates for the Journal

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