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TPO Journal Cumulative Index

The TPO Journal was first published in 1947 and over the years became the established record for new marks found on covers processed by the post office while on the move: travelling post offices of the world's railways; sea post office marks; paquebot marks and ship letter marks. Among the contributors are the names of many distinguished philatelists and postal historians. Many of the early articles were the initial writings that subsequently found their way into today's much sought after books on the subject. The modern TPO Journal continues to be the magazine of record for new finds of both the maritime and railway variety.

The Journal is now published quarterly and back issues are available to purchase in DVD format, together with the index. Go to the publications page for details and ordering form. Non-members may also purchase the DVD.

The cumulative index is also available to download here for free.

TPO Journal Cumulative Index compiled by Rick Martin and Keith Morris,
Volumes 1 – 77 (1947 - 2023), download:    Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file: TPO Journal Index for Volumes 1 to 77, to year end 2023 (4.3Mb)

The document is quite large and you are recommended to click on the download icon with your right mouse button and select the 'save link as / save target as' function to save the document directly to your computer hard drive.

The index is organised by country and then subcategory of maritime or railway, etc., then name of the article and its author. Issues of the Journal are shown by volume and page number, which is cumulative through the issues of that year.

Adobe Acrobat® Reader free software download to read and print the document: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files if not already installed on your computer


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