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The TPOs of New Zealand

By Anthony Nicholson

The New Zealand Railway Travelling Post Offices cancellation check list is based on the information contained within the publication Mails by rail in New Zealand by Albert B Johnstone and Robin M Startup. Their classification of the marks has been retained.

The purpose of the document is to build the data/knowledge with regards to the periods of use of each of the marks. This information has apparently been twice lost in fires at records offices and so this is another attempt to rebuild. If you have any material which extends the given dates please provide details and scans to the author via the webmaster who will forward as appropriate.

Post Card from Omaru to Dunedin on the New Zealand RTPO

PC from Omaru to Dunedin on the New Zealand RTPO

A New Zealand consignment postcard sent from Omaru to Dunedin which travelled on the RTPO Down, Side 2 on 27th May 1896 [type DN3]. The RTPO route was between Christchurch and Invercargill.

Checklist of NZ TPO marks

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