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Catalogue of Hungary TPO Marks

By Lutz Ihnken

This catalogue has been made available free of charge by Lutz Ihnken to promote the available knowledge of the the TPO marks of Hungary and is gratefully made available here for the benefit of TPO and Seapost Society members.

The text of the document is multilingiual including German and English. The following is a summary of the introduction found in this 126 page catalogue.

The subject "Hungarian TPO" is so complex, that even more than a catalogue is needed to embrace it. This catalogue should be the gateway which includes lists and prices for the TPO postmarks; for this it should be the central element to collect this subject.

All postmarks from approximately 1868 to 1960 are taken into account within this catalogue. The known postmarks are categorised and ordered according to the following criteria:

The information is taken from several sources and from the cards / covers of Lutz's collection. The sources are mentioned in chapter 5 of the catalogue. Main source is:

The Monográfiája has shown that many postmarks have been registered, but not all. To make the catalogue more complete the support of many collectors is needed. If someone has a postmark that is not yet recorded, please send a scan via e-mail (contact address).
The catalogue shall fulfill the following criteria:

Further more specialized documents will be produced step by step. Please keep in mind: many items are known from other documents, but not yet seen as original!


Catalogue of Hungary TPO Marks by Lutz Ihnken

The list is provided as a PDF document which may be viewed online or downloaded for printing, reference and review.

Catalogue of Hungary TPO Marks by Lutz Ihnken: Click to view Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file: Catalogue of Hungary TPO Marks by Lutz Ihnken - very large file (2.62Mb)[November 2015 edition]

To save the document you are recommended to click on the download icon with your right mouse button and select the 'save link as / save target as' function to save the document directly to a folder on your computer hard drive.



The original source of this material is the website of Lutz Ihnken where it may be viewed by subject category using the left hand navigation panel. The PDF file is provided free by Lutz Ihnken and may not be used for commercial purposes.

Ákos, Kostyan: Magyar Bélyegek Monográfiája Vol.I and VI, 1965-1973 [in Hungarian].

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