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Robertson Revisited Second Supplement 2016 by Colin Tabeart

In 2012 the first supplement was published by the TPO & Seapost Society, both on their website and as hard copy. As Colin Tabeart says in the introduction: "... Even now I am still receiving new bits of information from all over the world, including totally new markings, and the time now seems ripe to put these together in the form of a Second Supplement to the original book. This includes all the information in the First Supplement of 2011/2012". [Skip directly to download].

Examples of Liverpool marks with revised dates
The Supplement lists new markings and those with new or extended dates beyond those previously known. Many examples are illustrated, as shown by these examples from the Liverpool entry.

The original "History of the Ship Letters of the British Isles" by Alan W Robertson first appeared in 1955, amended by subsequent supplements by the author until 1964. These supplements were page-numbered in a somewhat idiosyncratic way so that it subsequently became almost impossible to know if one had a complete copy or not. In 1973 Harry Hayes produced 100 copies of the original book, incorporating all of the original Robertson supplements, but it has to be said the quality of reproduction was not great. When Alan died the copyright was acquired by Colin Tabeart, who then began recording additions to the original work sent in by collector friends from around the world. In 1993 James Bendon produced a reprint (at 80% original size) of what is almost certainly a full copy of the original, plus all the Robertson supplements, by permission of the copyright holder. In 1997 Bendon published Tabeart’s Robertson Revisited[1], which provided an invaluable update to the original work by Alan W Robertson in an easily accessible one volume format, including all the original data and incorporating all new information since the original author’s last update in 1964.

The society is privileged to be given the author's permission to provide the 2016 second supplement to his 1997 publication in the form of an electronic download file available to all collectors interested in this field.

Liverpool 84 CENTS accountancy mark - EKD 1851 M54a
Quadruple rate letter carried from Liverpool to New York on Collins Lines's Artic bearing the Liverpool '84 CENTS' accountancy mark [Tabeart M54a] on Earliest Known Date of use.

This supplement brings the 1997 edition up to date and includes colour and black & white images.

A printed version in A4 format is also available, see our Publications Page.

Robertson Revisted Second Supplement 2016 by Colin Tabeart, download: Click to download Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file: Robertson Revisted 2nd Supplement 2016 by Colin Tabeart (1.5Mb)

Additional Information:

For Queenstown see also Too Late Ship Sailed marks of Queenstown and Cork


[1] Tabeart, Colin. Robertson Revisited, 1997, James Bendon Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus

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