The Irish mail - London & Holyhead TPO

Catching mailbags at speed

A familiar sight to holiday makers along the British North Wales coast until 1939, was the "Irish Mail" (London & Holyhead Day TPO) picking up mailbags at four locations including Colwyn Bay. Click here for an example of a Transatlantic cover handled on this TPO.


Catching mailbags at speed - detail

The "Irish Mail" (London & Holyhead TPO Day Down ) "Picking up mail bags at full speed" from an official LNWR photograph taken on the 23rd October 1903 at Rhyl, North Wales.


Steaming through a cutting

Another view of the London & Holyhead Day TPO in Whitmore cutting (between Stafford and Crewe, England), showing the Sorting Carriage with the pick up net, third carriage from the locomotive.

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