London & Holyhead T.P.O - Night Down
with TPO late fee

London & Holyhead TPO - night down cancel

Letter to Lincoln, Nebraska, cancelled on board the London to Holyhead Boat Train in March 1892

Postage paid: 2½d GB UPU rate per ½ oz plus 2d late fee. Marks on reverse:

'NEW YORK MAR 30 / 92 / PAID ALL / A' binocular transit
'LINCOLN NEBR REC'D / APR 1 10PM 92' cds receiver

The letter was posted in the Sorting Carriage letter box while at Euston Station, London, on Wednesday March 23rd to connect with the White Star sailing from Liverpool for New York, calling at Queenstown on Thursday. Originally the London & Holyhead Night Down was part of the North West Postal train, detached at Crewe, to await the Euston to Holyhead Boat train. It was later incorporated into the Boat Train itself, leaving Euston at 8.45 pm., arriving at Holyhead Pier at 2.26 am where the American mail was transferred to the Holyhead and Kingstown Packet. At Kingstown the mail was transferred to the Dublin and Cork train for Queenstown. [Kidd]

The Irish Mail, by Cyril Kidd, The TPO and Seapost Society, (2nd Edition) 1996

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