Detail: Stepped boxed SHIP LETTER PORTSMOUTH mark Stepped boxed SHIP LETTER PORTSMOUTH mark on cover from Philadelphia to London


Entire dated 6th August 1826, sent from Philadelphia, via New York and Portsmouth, to London.
Postage paid: Philadelphia to New York (81-150 miles) 12½¢.
Postage due in GB: 1s 4d (1/4) comprising ship fee of 8d and mileage charge of 8d (Portsmouth to London, 50-80 miles).
Ship Mark: Tabeart type S15, in use 1817-1845.
The GB ship fee of 8d plus inland mileage charge was introduced 11th July 1815.

Robertson Revisited, Colin Tabeart;
United Kingdom Letter Rates, Inland and Overseas, 1635 to 1900, Colin Tabeart.

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