PORTSMOUTH SHIP LRE mark on wrapper from USA 1775

Wrapper sent from Poughkeepsie, NY, via Portsmouth to London, dated 26th October 1775
Postage due in GB:
  Ship Letter Fee: 1d
  Mileage charge to London (<80 miles) 3d
  Total due 4d, manuscript '4'
The ship fee of 1d per letter applied from 10th October 1765 to 12th July 1799. The GB inland charge of 3d for less than 80 miles to London applied from 1711 to 1784.
'PORTSMOUTH / SHIP LRE' Robertson type S2a, in use 1775-80.
London Bishopmark '9/FE' (1776).
Reference: Robertson Revisited, Colin Tabeart

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